howells_stanway_d132ld_motor.jpg  AC Motors

Solutions Manufacturing can replicate all Howells Stanway AC induction motors including slip ring motors traceable through their serial numbers.
Frame sizes both imperial and metric range from 1.5kw D90 up to 95kw in a D315 frame, and in single, two speed, high torque, flanged, footed or both configurations.
Manufactured to BS 4999 Pt1. AC motors come fully load tested to the original data and supported with our twelve months guarantee and certificate of conformity.
These special motors were designed for the pressing, hoist and marine industries where reliability matters.
The support for spares and repairs as well as the manufacture new are backed by the 24hr commitment by our technical personnel.
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Our recently upgraded load test, from 55 to 200Kw, is now up and running.