Industrial Gearbox Repair
At Solutions Engineering Ltd we understand the importance of keeping a plant running. Our workshop is fully equiped to cater for all stages of repair and our engineers have many years experience repairing virtually any make and type of gearbox. All the necessary gearbox repairs are carried out in-house enabling us to guarantee quality and delivery at all times. Our dedication to carry out high quality industrial gearbox repair and quick turn round times ensure the best service to our customers.

Where components cannot be sourced due to obsolescence, our reverse engineering skills using our G-80C coordinate measuring machine combined with our CNC machine facilities means we can replicate any component, if a repair would not meet the quality standard required.

On-site repair and condition monitoring services are available to minimize down time.

Solutions Engineering Ltd can provide both an emergency industrial gearbox repair or replacement service as well as looking after the repair.

The repair service includes collection and delivery from anywhere either by vehicle or courier service.