Solutions Manufacturing Ltd purchased Howells Stanway in 1998 and has developed the company into a global supplier of the formers OEM products.

Services include the manufacture of new replacement motors, pumps and fans, repairs and spares supplied upon request.

Solutions Manufacturing support the following industries:-


howells_stanway_crane.jpg howells_stanway_slipring3.jpg
Solutions Manufacturing Ltd produce a range of special single and multi speed high torque AC motors including Slipring motors for presses, hoist and traverse on Street and Morris cranes for the manufacturing and marine industrial segment. 


Manufacture of transformer axial flow oil cooling pumps and heat exchanger fan units both to the OEM Howells Stanway design and specification.
 We also supply a full range of Stainless Steel flexible flanged bellows .


howells_stanway_train.jpg howells_stanway_PU4_oil_pump1.jpg
Manufacture of PU4 axial flow transformer oil cooling pumps of lightweight aluminium construction for the Alstom motive train projects including Scotrail, Arlanda and Taiwan.


vibro_bowl.gif howells_stanway_vibro.jpg

  Manufacture of the full WB separator Vibro motors including the WB8, WB10, WB12, WB16, WB16A, WB215 and WB32 which are used in the pottery, polishing and finish vibratory industries.