Mechanical Services

Solutions Engineering Ltd mechanical services provide the machining and fabrication of  a wide range of components. Whatever your requirements are for quality machined parts from one off bespoke reclamations to batch manufacture  Solutions Engineering Ltd have the ability to produce all aspects of electro mechanical repairs or remanufacture from engineering drawings or samples. Solutions Engineering Ltd support a wide range of industries through all aspects of machining including, turning, milling, boring, slotting, dynamic balancing, cnc machining, drilling, grinding, welding and metalspraying.
The types of materials used include:-
Steel- EN8, EN16, EN24T
Stainless Steel- 304, 316,321
Copper- C101,C103, Oxygen Free, C108
Brass- CZ121, CZ108
Plastic- Nylon 66, Acetal, PTFE, Tufnol
Epoxy Glass 

howells_stanway_endshield1.jpg solutions_engineering_balancing1.jpg  solutions_engineering_cnc_copper_Y_connector4.jpg
  Cast Iron Endshield                   Flywheel Balancing                    Copper Y Connector
solutions_engineering_cnc_steel__component.jpg solutions_engineering_copper_bends.jpg  solutions_engineering_copper_induction_brazing_heads1.jpg
   Stainless Steel Flange              Copper Elbows                           CNC Machined Copper         
solutions_engineering_cnc_copper_nuts.jpg solutions_engineering_induction_brazing_.jpg  solutions_engineering_mechanical_shaft_repair.jpg
  Silver Plated Copper Nuts       Induction Brazing Heads          Refurbished Sprocket Shaft
solutions_engineering_vaqua_blast.jpg  solutions_engineering_copper_links.jpg  solutions_engineering_aluminium_cnc_endshield1.jpg
  Bead Blasted Brushgear          Tinned Copper Connectors      CNC Machined Endshield      

      Insulated Bolts                            Aluminium Fabrication