howells_stanway_PU1_oil_pump1.jpgAxial Flow Transformer Oil Cooling Pumps

Solutions Manufacturing Ltd produce specific axial flow inline oil cooling pump units to suit 80mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm diameter pipeline.
Ranging from 0.9kw to 10kw and up to a maximum of 10 metre head.

The aluminium bodied PU4 model is fitted to the locomotives around the world within the oil cooling system, whilst the cast iron bodied PU1, PU8 and PU10 are used to circulate the cooling oil  through the larger power transmission transformer to the heat exchanger.
These pumps range from 1.2kw with a delivery of 6 litres/sec flow rate and 1.5 metre head to 10kw with a delivery of 50 litres/sec  flow rate and 4.5 metre head.
The pumps come in either single or three phase and fully tested to the OEM standard.